Donating Time

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids’ success is rooted in volunteers. We began over 10 years ago as a strictly volunteer-run organization. We’ve grown since then, but our reliance on volunteers for the success of our programs has not changed.

What do community volunteers do?

  • Find a space to make lunches.
  • Gather people who want to make lunches.
  • Buy groceries.
  • Prepare and pack lunches.
  • Deliver lunches to schools.
  • Impact the life of a hungry child!

Volunteering at Our Main Kitchen

Many of the lunches BB4CK provides are produced in our downtown kitchen.

Your job will be to work with other volunteers to make sandwiches and prepare vegetables and snacks for lunches as well as helping to clean the work area after lunches are made.

We require volunteers Monday to Thursday mornings.

Our kitchen is located at 433 Macleod Tr. SE.  Transit is the best way to get there, but we do have parking available.

Click to learn more about volunteering with groups or as an individual.

There are many ways to get involved and to make it your problem, contact Tanya Koshowski at tanya@brownbaggingit.org to learn more.